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Set Wet

Discover Set Wet's grooming essentials: Deodorants, Hair Gels, Sprays, and Waxes to elevate your vibe. Level up your style with our comprehensive range and #SetYourVibe<3 with Set Wet

Lashe Superfood

Lashe Superfood is a premium female grooming brand. A powerful blend of Superfood Ingredients & X-VITA Technology, leave hair & skin looking full of vitality with full nourishment every day.


Botanika protect your family from germs & bacteria thanks to powerful natural ingredients


ISOPLUS is one of the leading ethnic hair styling brand within the hair styling segment that caters to both the hair stylist at the salon as well as the client at home. The brand is most popularly known for the Isoplus Oil Sheen Hair Spray . Well known for South Africa's #1 oil sheen spray and Isoplus Hairline & edge holding gel.


A styling brand in the men's hair care products category in Egypt spanning hair gels, hair creams and hair cream-gels.

Parachute Coconut Oil

One of our oldest brands and a market leader in its category, today it stands for purity and quality.

Parachute Advansed

A range of products in hair care categories that stand for care, nurturance and beauty.


Saffola is one of the leading brands that encourages you to live healthier. It has edible oils, oats, masala oats and salt.

Hair & Care

Hair & Care is a hair oil that makes your hair style-ready and gives you twist and turn hair anytime, anywhere.


Launched in 1968, Mediker has become a household name that the nation trusts.


The Livon brand has 2 offerings - Livon Serum, Livon Hair Gain Tonic.


Hair Code is a leading hair care brand in the men’s styling category that was launched in the mid 1990s and was a pioneer in the Egyptian hair care market.

Code 10

Code 10 Hair Styling gives the right look for the right moment. It's product range are hair creams, hair gels and hair wax.

Thuan Phat

Thuan Phat foods with the goodness of real ingredients, delivers the authentic taste and safety assurance that every home cook is looking for.


X-Men leads the male grooming category in Vietnam offering products in hair care, body wash, deodorants, facewash and hair styling.

Just for kids

Your little princess' hair needs special care from products that gently nourish and protect her hair and scalp.

Just for Baby

A product range for kids made with the gentlest ingredients like Rooibos, which soothes and protects the baby’s skin.
Parachute Advansed

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During FY 2022-23, Marico recorded a turnover of INR 97.6 billion (USD 1.2 billion) through its products sold in India and chosen markets in Asia and Africa. Marico nurtures leading brands across categories of hair care, skin care, edible oils, immunity boosting and healthy foods, male grooming, and fabric care.

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As we explore newer ways to create value in a digitally transformed world, bringing people closer through our offerings, we are evolving into a Marico that is in step with shifting consumer needs. At Marico, we are passionate about making measurable impact through everything we do. Our new range of products, adoption of new technology, strategies to connect to newer markets and our new distribution models are testament to our efforts. Our culture of empowerment, agility, bias for action and consumer centricity are strong enablers.

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Marico ranked 6th among India's most Sustainable Companies with A+ rating – BusinessWorld and SUSTAIN LABS PARIS